Brackish serpents

Brackish serpents

I’m back after a break from doing these and had a hard time restarting. I saw a lot of illuminated designs and detailed patterns while I was out and I think I went on overload from taking in so much in a week. It’s also hard to restart one you’re stopped a project after a while, and this is an example of it. I feel rusty from not doing them for so long after making them daily.

I’ll be doing Halloween-ish things for the rest of the month, maybe more because they’re so much fun to do and I like the practice. If client work slows down I’ll try to make 31, one for each day of the month.

Serpents appear throughout design and show up in the earliest print books. They’re iconic design elements, to be sure. Nothing like a cool serpent or dragon to hold a space among big blocks of text. They are also great to use because they can be shaped to suit any space within a design.

Link to download (.ai file).


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