Amslee Agency's responsive website

Amslee Agency's new mobile-friendly site built for use in a content manager.

JQ Studio's responsive website

Concept and design of JQ Photography's mobile-friendly site for use in a content manager.

Derek and Diane Photography's responsive website

Derek and Diane's site was made using Wordpress as a content manager.

Cumberland Optical's responsive website

Cumberland Optical's responsive wordpress based redesign.

Universal Spray Shield

A simple shopping page for the Universal Spray Shield.

Just Between Friend's website

A revised front page design for Just Between Friends, produced with the help of developers and executive staff.

Military Apparel Company's website

Military Apparel Company's e-commerce site for use in a content manager.

Rosanne Saunders

Site and blog for Rosanne Saunders, an independent human resources consultant.

Crafty Rooster's site

Crafty Rooster's brewpub site - online menu, easy to find hours, and prominent contact info.


Mason Livesay Scientific business cards

Business cards for Mason Livesay Scientific.

Military Apparel Company brochure

Tri-fold panel brochure for Military Apparel Company.

Carnegie Science Center biomimetic folder activity

An activity and instructions for teaching about biomimetics for the Carnegie Science Center.

Mahoning-Youngstown Community Action Partnership annual report

Annual report for the Mahoning Youngstown Community Action Partnership.


"Coffee" print for self promotions.

Illustration for a label design.

Illustration, label, and cap design.

"Creative muscle" illustration for blatant creative propaganda.

Illustration for self promotions.

Illustrations to represent levels of service for an agency website.