JQ Studio's responsive website

Concept and design of JQ Photography's mobile-friendly site for use in a content manager.

Soteres Consulting's responsive website

A site and blogging platform with a content manager to make updating easy for Soteres Consulting.

Cumberland Optical's responsive website

Cumberland Optical's responsive wordpress based redesign.

Universal Spray Shield

A simple shopping page for the Universal Spray Shield.

Secure1One website

A site for a security company in Texas featuring editable news sections and content areas.

Military Apparel Company's website

Military Apparel Company's e-commerce site for use in a content manager.

Just Between Friend's website

A revised front page design for Just Between Friends, produced with the help of developers and executive staff.

Rosanne Saunders

Site and blog for Rosanne Saunders, an independent human resources consultant.

Crafty Rooster's site

Crafty Rooster's brewpub site - online menu, easy to find hours, and prominent contact info.


Wellness benefit handout

A fun and informational wellness benefit newsletter for employees.

Military Apparel Company brochure

Tri-fold panel brochure for Military Apparel Company.

Carnegie Science Center biomimetic folder activity

An activity and instructions for teaching about biomimetics for the Carnegie Science Center.

Fly magazine booklet

A booklet for a new publication in Pittsburgh focused on small businesses.

Mason Livesay Scientific business cards

Business cards for Mason Livesay Scientific.

Mahoning-Youngstown Community Action Partnership annual report

Annual report for the Mahoning Youngstown Community Action Partnership.


Houdini poster and coloring page (download).

St. Patrick's Day poster illustration.

Buffalo wing crossbones illustration.

"Coffee" print for self promotions.

Illustration, label, and cap design.

"Creative muscle" illustration for blatant creative propaganda.

Illustration for self promotions.

Illustrations to represent levels of service for an agency website.